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Who we are

Community's Expertise for Development Contributions (CEDC) is the nonprofit organization legally registered on 18/9/2018 under Non Governmental Act 2002(Act No, 24 of 2002, no: ooNGO/00009929. The entity is only 3 years on grounds since inception carrying out interventions in Dodoma city and Chamwino District servicing the marginalized communities

Our eye

We are child focus in all of our programs raised. The entity will raise the number of projects depending on the marginalized groups needs, but each one must reflect the wellbeing of the child.

Organization history

The entity has 8 official objectives with 7 priorities for programs implementation resulting to child wellbeing. They include: Ensure all children access to quality education, Ensure all children access to quality health services, Nutritious supplementation, Women empowerment, Freedom from violence and protection, Children well nurtured and living in the households economic ally stable and Youth empowerment. Currently the entity is implementing 3 projects depending members contributions resources including:

  1. Agriculture, Livelihoods and Resilience.
  2. Management and Child Sponsorship.
  3. Youth and Vision Access Reinforcement.

Major activities undertaken:

  • Vulnerable children needs assessment : the case of Ihumwa,Mtumba and Nzuguni wards
  • Schools trees planting needs assessment : the case of Ihumwa,Mtumba and Nzuguni wards. 
  • Youth an vision needs assessment: the case of Ihumwa ,Mtumba and Nzuguni wards which is ongoing activity. 
  • Collaboratively with Reliegh International planted 750 trees at Kusehna primary school (Mpunguzi- Matumbulu village).
  • Identified 542 vulnerable children at Ihumwa ,Mtumba and Nzuguni.
  • Supported with Scholars tic materials (exercise books and pencils) to 300 vulnerable children at Nzuguni and Ihumwa wards.
  • Trained 150 youth on entrepreneurship skills at Nzuguni wards.

Methodological approach

We implement program based to projects regarding the following approaches as:

Needs assessment survey: CEDC staff scale up projects based to beneficiaries' needs identification and priorities
Capacity development: Using the resources of the beneficiaries whom we are servicing for their own development.
Monitoring and evaluation: Meet and assist is the culture of the project staff while rectifying the violations of their objectives setting. Updates through reports provision is of necessity.
Stakeholders' participatory modal:
No project succession without external stakeholders' involvement. They will be involved at ideology initiation up to implementation. The stakeholders will be anyone agreeing with our vision and mission

Our main objective

Ensure every child reaching his/her dream and fruitfully being the agent of change to any unprivileged group in the community for social well-being.

Our official Objectives

  • To capacitate the increased food security and cash crops production for the needy communities' wellbeing.
  • To contribute upon the improvement of health condition for the needy                              communities wellbeing.
  • To empower community on the use and protection of natural resources for                              economic gains.
  • To improve the access of quality education for universal education acquiring life skills on the reduction of dependence.
  • To strengthen the increased community capacity in managing their own development, justice and peace for the good governance.
  • To foster the agro forestry for economic gains and sustained ecosystem for the sustainable development.
  • To contribute towards environmental conservation so as to sustainably the natural resources for sustainable development.
  • To ensure access to portable water, hygiene and sanitation in the community so as to do away with water borne diseases.
To support our programs

We welcome all individuals, institutions and volunteers wherever around the globe to partner with us. HOW? Contact us through our website and send emails , You can reach us also via whatsap number +255-752-627-243 for prompt reply

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