Education Access

"Not only access but also Quality education makes all Boys and girls lifelong learners and enabling them to meet their future lives dream. Being really agents of change in the communities and confidently able to stand for their rights. We work with communities in collaboration with local governments to address challenges so as to enhance every child access quality education".

Education Goal

We are dedicated to improving the quality and equitable access to education for boys and girls by 2030. We aim to contribute towards quality education through capacitating teachers in using skills to teach reading, writing, and numeracy skills, collaboratively working. with schools committees, fostering parents/guardians engagements in nurturing children, improving schools leaning environments, discouraging schools aging children enrolment and drop outs uprooting

The Problem And Solution

According to Tanzania Country report, 2018 examines illiteracy of parents/guardians, households' poverty, children disabilities and weak structures foster non inclusive quality Education marginalized children. The report reveals out of 10,050 children tested on attending schooling 21,5% never attended in Dodoma region at the age of 11 years. Besides in younger children dropout rates is relatively low but at the age 12 it raises exponentially. At the age of 14 boys are more likely than the girls to drop outs. Community's Expertise for Development Contributions (CEDC) in liaison with development Stakeholders promotes inclusive education through beneficiaries' needs assessments.

Child Education Access

We identify vulnerable children and support them with scholastic materials including exercise books, pencils. And the approach attracts them to effectively concentrate on studies. Community's Expertise for Development Contributions (CEDC) adds children mindset to be fond of schooling and enjoyment, Hallow your donation would foster the provision of scholastic materials to vulnerable children for inclusive education enhancement. Please donate to support the provisions of scholastic materials to vulnerable children

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Health and nutrition Access

"Children with ill health get suffocation in their development. They cannot engage in anything be it academic undertakings or home undertakings. Community's Expertise for Development Contributions every child with good health accesses and well nourished in liaison with health development partners after falling sick. We invite anyone around the globe to donate supporting marginalized children health".

The Aim and Approach

We are dedicated to reach 500 marginalized children improving their health by 2030.
We contribute towards health dissemination education skills to bearing women and especially young women on the importance of clinics attendance, birth preparedness plan, best feeding practices, lactating frequencies and immunization. Collaboratively this is undertaking in liaison with health facilities personnel staffs.
We welcome all partners around the globe to contribute upon the improvement of children health development

The Problem And Solution

Under 5 children are very prone to diseases due to lack of acquired immunity especially communicable diseases eg Malaria being dangerous. Tanzania Malaria Indicator survey report 2017 cements that six months following birth, Antibodies acquired by mothers during pregnancy protect the child. This immunity slowly gets lost when the child starts to develop his/her own immunity. We work collaboratively with health development partners for the health wellbeing in the societies where there are our programs. Thus we welcome any partner on the endeavours for support.

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Children with disabilities

We identify children with disabilities on the alignment with their common problems for psychosocial support. We link them with health facilities for treatment to lessen healthily tortures for their inclusive interventions development.

We thus welcome any health development stakeholders to rescue children with disabilities from being detached off engagements in the societies that we are working.

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Under 5 child health care

Under 5 children are very prone to severe communicable diseases We insist bearing women on clinics attendance and educate them on timing and spacing pregnancies importance for the health of both mothers and born children. Besides teaching partner men to support them so as to avoid love affairs conflicts within families. Hi! health partners, support marginalized children to access health services for their lifelong living outcomes.

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Child Nourishment

Community's Expertise for Development Contributions contributes on the marginalized children nourishments improvements. The entity influences balanced diet, under five breast feeding, iron and folate intake. We thus mentor parents and guardians on nutritiously best feeding for the health development of the children.

Violence Free

"Our aim is to make societies the best place to live in. We believe existence of violence implies absent development of any kind. To say children and women are the most sufferers. Community's Expertise for Development for Development Contributions ensures no Gender based violence (GBV) and Violence against Children (VAC) in the areas where there are programs implementations. Please partners work with us for social sustenance to the beneficiaries whom we are working with".

The Problem And Solution

1.7 billion Children are affected by some type of violence each year. According to Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics on crime and traffic incidents statistics report 2016 shows a total of 10,551 cases of crime against children were reported in 2016. But CEDC works on alignment with National Plan of Action to End Violence against Women and Children in Tanzania ,2017/18-2021/22 ( NPA-VAWC) in liaison with development activists partners in the country.

Child upbringing

Children upbringing through teachings the word of God fosters their cognitive development and making them humane towards adulthood. At Community's Expertise for Development Contributions (CEDC), we value every child and impart them spirit through the word of God. We thus teach them to love one another . This contributes on the sustained child well being and making societies responsive in advocating and protecting the rights of the child.

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Child participation

Child participation in family economic activities fosters child development and is one amongst fundamental principles of the Conventions on the rights of the child (CDC), which as a nation we adopted. It exerts children and young people having the right to freely express their opinions, listened and confidently present matters affecting them within their families, leaders, public services, institutions and judicial procedures. At Community's Expertise for Development Contributions (CEDC), we value child and young people safe and appropriate a key strategic priority. This ensures sustained child well being and making societies responsive in advocating and protecting the rights of the child. We welcome children development partners around the globe to support children participation attaining their wellbeing.

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Youth Empowerment

Community's Expertise for Development Contributions investing in Youth for preparing tomorrow's leaders, employments access, good parents and professionals.

The Aim and Approach

We aim to reach 1000 Youth for their wellbeing sustenance by 2030. We empower youth through vocational educational trainings, life skills, reproductive health education, internships, entrepreneurship trainings, behaviour change and employment opportunities links and directives to access their visions We welcome all partners around the globe to work with us empowering youth mastering lives.

The Problem And Solution

Many graduates in the streets without employments, so structures are triggered to support.

Youth Voice

Our entity sensitizes youth voices in the society to speak out for their right through national and international activists' campaigns. Youth are the change makers. Entity believes youth especially girls are more prone to violence Hi! Partners join us hands for the welfare of the youth.

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Household Economy

Community's Expertise for Development Contributions believes on healthy household is one with stable economy. We engage every member in the household partaking in the economic undertakings through groups' formation especially areas hard to reach for children welfare.

The Aim and Approach

We target 500 hard to reach households in the entire Dodoma region by 2030. We identify vulnerable households focusing children We train, mentor and support Members in households to partake economic production getting rid of poverty. We welcome all partners around the globe to support us...

The Problem And Solution

Most members of the rural households are non resilient to master living despite the available resources. CEDC identifies hard to reach households with vulnerable children and facilitate them on resources identification and mobilization for economic engagements.

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Resources highlights

We reach households and conduct Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and threats (SWOT) analyses undertakings. This fosters households' members' resources utilization for economic gains. We invite anyone around the globe to partner with us to empower poor households for social wellbeing.

Women Empowerment

Community's Expertise for Development Contributions empowers marginalized women on livelihood undertakings and entrepreneurship skills to eradicate households' poverty. We invite anyone to support women in livelihood and entrepreneurship undertakings.

The Aim and Approach

We aim to reach 500 marginalized women empowering the economically and build their resilient families to do away from Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Violence Against Children (VAC) by 2030. We empower women through resources mobilization surrounding them and sensitize on the economic groups formation. We welcome all partners around the globe to empower women

The Problem And Solution

Women in the programs fairly control over the households' resources impacts despite playing the major role in the production as statistical observational findings reveal.

We enable women to access entrepreneurships skills mentorships, financial capabilities and financial supports to scale up the production. The entity defends them on land ownerships, livestock keeping fruits enjoyment and horticultural production engagements and linking them to the marketing institutions.

Financial Intelligence

We train women from zero income to strong capital businesses. People think you need to have capita first so that you can do business. But money earnings commence from idea and one with good health to undertake the production. Indeed the importance of surplus storage to generate big capital for everlasting investments. We invite anyone around the globe to partner with us to support women.

Environmental conservation

Community's Expertise for Development Contributions contributes on evergreen scenery, ecosystem enhancement, biodiversity and climate change problems resolutions for communities' wellness. We thus impart children on environmental conservation fondness at childhood stages for upcoming generations.

We aim to plant 1000 trees in liaison with teachers, students and households' members in Dodoma region by 2030. We educate students, teachers, pupils, community members in their households within our programs areas on the importance of environmental conservation through trees planting. We collaboratively work with environmental activists and environmental policy makers to protect the environment. We welcome all partners around the globe to conserve the environment

The Problem And Solution

Environmental distortion is gradual around the globe. Observational findings reveal charcoal sales multiply and cutting down trees for farming purposes is inevitable. This is reversed by trees planting and alternative source of energy uses directives in Ipala, Nzuuguni, Ihumwa,Msanga and Mtumba wards, Dodoma city district at rural areas.

Bootstrap Themes

Pupils' environmental clubs

We strengthen and form pupils' environmental clubs in primary schools. The clubs are monitors for ensuring planted trees in schools grow. They report on findings astray to the di storted environments. We invite anyone around the globe to partner with us to conserve the environment through pupils' environmental clubs