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We know that no single organization can solve the complex set of issues alone. We thus believe partnerships can bring together expertise, ideas, tools, and resources in support of the shared goal of creating a better world, Tanzania in particular. We’d love for you to join us.
Tanzania is facing some of the greatest humanitarian challenges of our time, and at CEDC, we know that no single organization can tackle them alone. That’s why we champion working in partnership to spark, scale and sustain change for communities in need here in Tanzania.
Contact us today to discuss launching a new partnership. 

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Ways to partner

Let’s work together to create a partnership with the right elements for your company or foundation. Explore a few ideas below, and please contact us. 

Grant making

Invest in CEDC to meet its business and philanthropic goals. CEDC with a grant to support our priority programs. Together we can create lasting change and help your company meet its business and philanthropic goals.

Cause marketing 

Donate a portion of sales, tell the story of our partnership and impact, and offer ways for customers to give or create products unique to your support of CEDC

Corporate + Foundation partners

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