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Gender based violence,16 days campaign- the event

We believe Youth champion are the potential agents of change. In collaboration with other actors on SDG2030, We joined hands the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence 25th Nov-10th Dec 2020 telling the world on the demanding Zero tolerance for Gender based violence (GBV) . See the icon underneath


African Child Day Commemoration

CEDC tirelessly sensitizes the Tanzania children on the fighting against abuses. This year on the African child day commemoration, students of Nzuguni primary school were highlighted on the catastrophic. It was the story of the south African students who were killed on 16/6/1976 due to the need quality eduation and mother tongue being the mode of teaching against apartheid government in South Africa.

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Youth Power

Imparting students the reading behavior fondness prepared them to be smart as youth. Indeed contributing on their knowledge expansion preventing their future stresses. CEDC adds value to the students through books provision supported by stakeholders. It is our belief 'Youth power is derived from books'

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Top Publications

Conditioning children at early stages of the growth development on the importance of environmental conservation is the resolution .CEDC's approach is create schools environmental clubs to envision the theory as reports verify.  

Facts and Stories

While on the way sensitizing community members on environmental conservation adherence, CEDC Staff met the man at Nzuguni ward in Dodoma district seriously cutting a well planted tree named botanically Terminalia Catappa and in Swahili named Uzazi wa Mpango ( if the term translated 'family planning'). Why called Uzazi wa Mapango? It is the way it grows by making levels of branches creating a very good shadow underneath.

The man was questioned of the reason why cutting such a tree and answered 'the owner of the tree ordered me to cut it, examining that the tree would cause family conflicts leading to divorces, deaths amongst family members, poor family income earnings and other chaos'. 'But ward environment officer educated previously that there is no truth and relationship to what people believe and i personally i don't agree with the arguments'. Staff added. 'No way as i am paid for such a task, let it go down and this is the third one'. the man added. 'Ok am sad and this is actually the environmental distortion', the Staff left. Lesson! Environmental distortion eradication is the battle, so collective fighting against it is of necessity.