O U R  M I S S I O N

To initiate innovative programs for the needy
communities in resolving challenges upon Agriculture, Health, Leadership, Environment, Education and Tourism .Well implemented and attained sustenance of standard livelihood.

O U R  V I S I O N

To see all persons in the communities attaining best
living standard, wellness, prosperity and justice We aim to create the country without poverty exposing children, women and youth with the fullest enjoyment in
the communities.


We influence youth to get involved in horticultural production as part of self employment resolutions

We strengthen our entity systems. Moreover cooperatively work with partner NGOs, community leaders, donors and public officials to enhance capacity building development in the communities.

We support trees nurseries small holder farmers' owners on the production of trees seedlings through market links.

We mentor teachers on quality early primary education provisions in reading, writing and arithmetic calculation undertakings standard one through grade four pupils.

We sensitize bearing women on frequently attending clinics for the good health development of both the child and mother.

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