Household Economy

Community's Expertise for Development Contributions believes
on healthy household is one with stable economy. We engage every member in the
household partaking in the economic undertakings through groups' formation
especially areas hard to reach for children welfare.

Aim and Approach

We target 500 hard to reach households in the entire Dodoma region
by 2030. We identify vulnerable households focusing children We train, mentor and support
Members in households to partake economic production getting rid of poverty. We welcome all partners around the globe to support us

Resources highlights

We reach households and conduct Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities
and threats (SWOT) analyses undertakings. This fosters households' members' resources
utilization for economic gains. We invite anyone around the globe to partner with
us to empower poor households for social wellbeing.

Problem And Solution

Most members of the rural households are non resilient to master living
despite the available resources. CEDC identifies hard to reach households with vulnerable children and facilitate them on resources identification and mobilization
for economic engagements.

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Mon - Sun: 8 AM - 12 PM

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