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"Children with ill health get suffocation in their development. They cannot
engage in anything be it academic undertakings or home undertakings. Community's Expertise
for Development Contributions every child with good health accesses and well
nourished in liaison with health development partners after falling sick.
We invite anyone around the globe to donate supporting
marginalized children health".

Aim and Approach

We are dedicated to reach 500 marginalized children improving their health by 2030.
We contribute towards health dissemination education skills to bearing women and especially young women on the importance of clinics attendance, birth preparedness plan, best feeding practices, lactating frequencies and immunization. Collaboratively this is undertaking in liaison
with health facilities personnel staffs. We welcome all partners around the
globe to contribute upon the improvement
of children health development

Problem And Solution

Under 5 children are very prone to diseases due to lack of acquired
immunity especially communicable diseases eg Malaria being dangerous. Tanzania Malaria
Indicator survey report 2017 cements that six months following birth, Antibodies acquired by mothers
during pregnancy protect the child. This immunity slowly gets lost when the child starts to develop
his/her own immunity. We work collaboratively with health development partners for the
health wellbeing in the societies where there are our programs. Thus we
welcome any partner on the endeavors for support.

Children With Disabilities

We identify children with disabilities on the alignment with their common
problems for psychosocial support. We link them with health facilities for treatment to lessen
healthily tortures for their inclusive interventions development.

We thus welcome any health development stakeholders to rescue children with disabilities from being detached off engagements in the societies that we are working.

Under 5 child health Care

Under 5 children are very prone to severe communicable diseases
We insist bearing women on clinics attendance and educate them on timing and
spacing pregnancies importance for the health of both mothers and born children. Besides teaching partner men to support them so as to avoid love affairs conflicts within families. Hi! health partners, support marginalized children to access health services
for their lifelong living outcomes.

Child Nourishment

Community's Expertise for Development Contributions contributes on
the marginalized children nourishments improvements. The entity influences balanced
diet, under five breast feeding, iron and folate intake. We thus mentor parents and guardians on nutritiously best feeding for the health development of the children.

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