Environmental conservation

Community's Expertise for Development Contributions contributes
\on evergreen scenery, ecosystem enhancement, biodiversity and climate change problems
resolutions for communities' wellness. We thus impart children on environmental
conservation fondness at childhood stages
for upcoming generations.

We aim to plant 1000 trees in liaison with teachers, students and
households' members in Dodoma region by 2030. We educate students, teachers, pupils,
community members in their households within our programs areas on the
importance of environmental conservation through trees planting.
We collaboratively work with environmental activists and
environmental policy makers to protect the environment. We welcome all partners around the
globe to conserve the environment

Problem And Solution

Environmental distortion is gradual around the globe. Observational
findings reveal charcoal sales multiply and cutting down trees for farming purposes is
inevitable. This is reversed by trees planting and alternative source of energy uses directives in Ipala, Nzuuguni, Ihumwa,Msanga and Mtumba wards, Dodoma city district at rural areas.

Pupils' environmental clubs

We strengthen and form pupils' environmental clubs in primary schools.
The clubs are monitors for ensuring planted trees in schools grow. They report on
findings astray to the di storted environments. We invite anyone around
the globe to partner with us to conserve the environment through
pupils' environmental clubs

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