Education Access

"Not only access but also Quality education makes all
Boys and girls lifelong learners and enabling them to meet their future lives dream. Being
really agents of change in the communities and confidently able to stand for their rights.
We work with communities in collaboration with local governments
to address challenges so as to enhance every
child access quality education".

Education Goal

We are dedicated to improving the quality and equitable access to education
for boys and girls by 2030. We aim to contribute towards quality education through capacitating teachers in using skills to teach reading, writing, and numeracy skills, collaboratively working. with schools committees, fostering parents/guardians engagements in nurturing children,
improving schools leaning environments, discouraging schools aging
children enrolment and drop outs uprooting

Child Education Access

We identify vulnerable children and support them with scholastic materials
including exercise books, pencils. And the approach attracts them to effectively concentrate
on studies. Community's Expertise for Development Contributions (CEDC) adds children mindset to be fond of schooling and enjoyment, Hallow your donation would foster the provision of scholastic materials to vulnerable children for inclusive education enhancement. Please
donate to support the provisions of scholastic
materials to vulnerable children

The Problem And Solution

According to Tanzania Country report, 2018 examines illiteracy of
parents/guardians, households' poverty, children disabilities and weak structures
foster non inclusive quality Education marginalized children. The report reveals out of 10,050
children tested on attending schooling 21,5% never attended in Dodoma region at the age of 11 years. Besides in younger children dropout rates is relatively low but at the age 12 it raises
exponentially. At the age of 14 boys are more likely than the girls to drop outs.
Community's Expertise for Development Contributions (CEDC) in liaison
with development Stakeholders promotes inclusive education
through beneficiaries' needs assessments.

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