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Accountability: Transforming marginalized people's lives. Thank you for choosing to give to Community's Expertise for Development Contributions. Your investment helps deliver positive change for children in the country in our fight to end poverty for good.

We're constantly striving to use your funds responsibly and efficiently. In FY 2019, 76% of our total operating expenses supported programs for children and women.

We undertake needs assessments to deliver sustainable programs for communities' wellbeing.

We are monitored by the Ministry of Health, Community, Development, Gender Elders and Children under the registrar office here in Tanzania to all our programs being implemented. Donors' funds exceeding 20,000,000tsh are shared with the ministry through contracts submission and approval Beneficiaries' priorities after our assessment work as implementation areas in compliance with donors' expectations.

Community development officers from councils are watchdogs to the programs demanding quarterly programming implementation and expenditures reports. Indeed submitting annual activities and audited financial reports to the ministry registrar of non profit organizations to comply with country laws.

We influence youth to get involved in horticultural production as part of self employment resolutions 

We strengthen our entity systems. Moreover cooperatively work with partner NGOs, community leaders, donors and public officials to enhance capacity building development in the communities. 

We support trees nurseries small holder farmers' owners on the production of trees seedlings through market links.  

We mentor teachers on quality early primary education provisions in reading, writing and arithmetic calculation undertakings standard one through grade four pupils.  

We sensitize bearing women on frequently attending clinics for the good health development of both the child and mother.  

Our Mission

To initiate innovative programs for the needy communities in resolving challenges upon Agriculture, Health, Leadership, Environment, Education and Tourism .Well implemented and attained sustenance of standard livelihood. 

Our Vision

To see all persons in the communities attaining best living standard, wellness, prosperity and justice We aim to create the country without poverty exposing children, women and youth with the fullest enjoyment in the communities.

Management Team

Members of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the second organ of Community's Expertise for Development Contributions. It is a Governing Body providing regular oversight of the activities of organization. The Board's roles include: approving any changes to the structure of the institution, approving higher level policy and changes or additions to high level rules, regulations and procedures of Organization, providing final approval of annual plans and budgets. The board also reviews annual reports, propose to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for appointment of auditors, and present audited financial statements for approval by the AGM; and recruit, support and assess the performance of the Executive Secretary


The implementation of the functions of the Organization is vested in its Secretariat, which is comprised of the management and staff led by the Executive Secretary. The Executive Secretary reports to the Board of Directors in governance matters and is also a Secretary to the Members. Additionally, the Executive Secretary maintains a relationship with the Development Partners in all matters related to funding. The number of staff and structure of the Organization in executing its functions and realizing the organisation's objectives and activities, is from time to time, determined by the Board of Directors.

Members of the organization

Members of Community's Expertise for Development Contributions are the highest authority in all matters related to the running of the organisation. They exercise their authority mainly through the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or extraordinary meetings.

Organization Profile-2021

Accountability: Transforming marginalized people's lives

Contact Us

Box 2640,Dodoma ,TZ
Nane nane grounds ,
Nzuguni ward,11km
from city center


CEDC child focus

CEDC child focus



 What is Community's Expertise for Development Contributions?

We're one of the local non-profit organizations in Dodoma city but registered to Operate within the Tanzania mainland .But our mission goes well beyond our great city: We help kids to break free from poverty and through a proven approach with experienced local staff in the country.

 What do you work for ?

The majority of the kids in Tanzania are growing up in poverty. We mobilize resources surrounding them in liaison with households' members and systems for their welfare to end poverty in our programs.

 How did you get started? .

Organization was established 2016 and fully registered in September 2018 and started operations in January 2019. With the aim to see all persons in the communities attaining best living standard, wellness, prosperity and justice and finally streamlining child focus oriented programs.

 What is goal?

Organizational strategic Goal: Ensured every child reaching his/her dream and fruitfully being the agent of change to any unprivileged group in the community for social well-being in Tanzania by the year 2050. We believe investing in the child, breaks the cycle of poverty in the community and finally impacting generations to come. We also believe children out of poverty develop well.

  Are you a religious and/or political organization?

No, our supporters, volunteers, staff, children and their families and any group we interact as beneficiaries including youth and women span all beliefs and backgrounds. And we all share the same goal: breaking the cycle of poverty.

  Who works at your organization?

We have 6 staff, 3 volunteers, 17 members of the organization and 7 directors of the board working with our organization in the country. This is due to the infancy of the organization.

  How can I work at your organization?

We're looking for the best, brightest and most passionate people on the planet ready to add value at our organization.