Volunteer to Support Underpriviledged Children in Tanzania

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You will not be the loser and you will be blessed to work with us. CEDC is the house of talents. Volunteering to work with CEDC makes you to meet with staffs of different calibres and lifestyles. Indeed well equipped with skills in working with children from different cultures for their wellbeing sustenance

We hope you will be the one amongst the volunteers and extend our very searchable news around the globe. We reward volunteers, experience that one has never experienced so far. Join us hands to build the CEDC team for the welfare of children. And there is no deadline to join.

For more information or to express your interest in volunteering with CEDC, please should you not hesitate to write to CEDC Chairman at


The Community's Expertise for Development Contributions (CEDC) was founded in 2018, inspired by a vision accompanied by the main objective where children are the target group and agents of change in the communities they live.


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Support the Tanzanian arts' works for CEDC programs nourishments to attain welfare of the underprivileged children


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