Enhance counting for best numeracy skills

Teaching ethics adherence monitored

Best teaching and proper directives to children well up bring them. This has to be done earlier. And outside that both the child and parents face the aftermath. In education so far some incomplete or fail in primary education. CEDC staff on June 19-24/2019 performed one week intervention named 'Children right from the Start' here at Nzuguni, Mtumba and Ipala wards in Dodoma city council in Dodoma region. It means doing a mistake from the beginning to nurture a child can be the cry forever. Again CEDC staff investigated children day centres to monitor if teaching ethics and learning environment are friendly to children. Indeed to see if directives given by the Tanzanian government on running children day care centres are well followed.

Children may dislike schooling

Children in day care centres need a very psychological care. The day care centres must well be equipped to nurture them including games enhancement, lovely monitoring in case of misbehaving. Contrarily most of centres do not have adequate sports gears, qualified teachers, learning books, conducive rooms for studies and effective follow ups after studies. Ultimately this situation if last longer may discourage children to be fond of schooling forever.

Monitoring supportive supervision added value on centre's children academic progress

Despite centres challenges, the supervision motivated the modality of teaching and pupils gained confidence to stand in front of their fellow and loudly read. Madam Pendo , the owner of the centre had this to say ' Really you CEDC staff have transformed my teaching modality , to date i mainly concentrate on singing rather teaching not as before. I have discovered children understand more when i use songs when teaching. And i promise to buy more sports gears for children to play'.

She adds 'My centre has 80 pupils. I prepare them to join standard one next year 2020 in the Tanzanian Government primary schools. Those who join are the ones who pass pre standard one examination here at the centre. My future plan is to own best centre that will accommodate 200 children. When I get enough funds, I plan to build the best centre within the Nzuguni ward. Meanwhile i have three acres for the centre construction'.

Consolidated participation among centres owners

CEDC staff discovered weak collaboration amongst different centres owners. Major task was to get rid of hidden differences amongst them for best future results in nurturing children and academic progress. The agenda behind is business competition. CEDC Staff mentored on especially safety of children within the centres and teaching ethics adherence.

Naomi Andrew, the teacher of Sunshine day care centre had this to say 'We thank CEDC staff for teaching directives especially on proper teaching methodology, child rights and child psychology. The mentorship has transformed sunshine teachers on the teaching techniques enticing the influx of pupils' enrolment within the centre.

Adequate resources in demand for quality education

The CEDC aims to reach more schools and children within the Tanzania mainland especially in the rural communities. This will only work in collaboration with passionate stakeholders wherever in the universe for support. The situation in the rural communities is not good. Children drop outs, early marriages, underemployment and children trafficking prevail.


The Community's Expertise for Development Contributions (CEDC) was founded in 2018, inspired by a vision accompanied by the main objective where children are the target group and agents of change in the communities they live.


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