Empowered households

Mr. Joseph Mwita, the gardener pruning unwanted tomato seedling stems for effectively growth .....

Children nourishment and best performance is normally accelerated by nutritious foods. On July 8- 13/ 2019, CEDC staff sensitized households on the importance of home gardening. Home gardening has multiple benefits including family income and nutritiously feeding to children. It was one week door to door interventions based to livelihoods practices amongst Nzuguni, Mtumba and Mtumba wards communities.

Early marriages reduced after women empowerment

Meet with Recho Grayson in her tailoring office with the adolescent tailoring trainee....

Adolescent girls need also to be cared for, to abstain from abuse particularly early unwanted pregnancies. On May 29-24/ 2019 CEDC staff conducted the campaign with the slogan 'leave a girl to mature'. The campaign main objective was to rescue the adolescent girls within Ipala, Nzuguni and Mtumba wards communities.

Teaching ethics adherence monitored

Madam Pendo John, the owner of Upendo day care centre teaching counting....

Best teaching and proper directives to children well up bring them. This has to be done earlier. And outside that both the child and parents face the aftermath. In education so far some incomplete or fail in primary education. CEDC staff on June 19-24/2019 performed one week intervention named 'Children right from the Start' here at Nzuguni,.....

Child welfare clinics attendance enhanced

Children should not have to choose between their health and....

Child welfare clinics play an important role of the health care system in Tanzania. It renders invaluable health care services to under five children. Despite the numerous advantages associated with child welfare clinic attendance, there are reported cases of low attendance among children 24-59 months. On august 13-14/2019, CEDC staffs paid visit to health units within the Nzuguni and Ipala wards and notified adolescent mothers are very low in attending clinics as conveyed by the Nzuguni health personnel staffs.

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