Message from the Executive Director

CEDC Executive Director

Greetings and join (CEDC) Community's Expertise for Development Contributions hands to support the underprivileged Tanzanian children

We are pleased to invite everyone around the globe to support underprivileged Tanzanian children. Community's Expertise for Development Contributions (CEDC) with committed and experienced staff is your choice for partnership to eradicate challenges that children face here in Tanzania. Partner! 'Your child might be eating three meals per day, attending to school regularly, covered by mosquito nets at nights when sleeping, medically treated when falls sick and having pairs of shoes'.

The situation is not so to the underprivileged particularly the most vulnerable children. Ultimately end of the day the majority of them are abused to early pregnancies, street beggars, sex workers, under employments and illegal drug users. We are organized to meet every underserved child in the remote and rural areas within Tanzania communities to attain child wellbeing.

CEDC's Main objective 'Ensure every child reaching his/her dream and fruitfully being the agent of change to any community for social wellbeing' this places our non profit organization, the one of its own kind and unique in Tanzania sustainably contributing on the children development. We are working to ensure every child access quality education and health services. We also promote women empowerment, children nutrition and children protection and freedom from violence.

The inception of the organization after registration on September 2018 and effectively running programs on grounds noticed child violence highly prevails, but some of the incidents are not reported to the community leaders for legal resolutions. We are working tirelessly in collaboration with activists to access millions of survivors and hereby invite partners wherever in the country or outside to rescue the lives of children for the future leaders, professionals and best parents.

We thus ask for anyone to partner with us by supporting through funds, opinions or any kind of resources deemed possible, to strengthen our organization servicing underprivileged children for social wellbeing in the Tanzanian communities. Am reached by email:


The Community's Expertise for Development Contributions (CEDC) was founded in 2018, inspired by a vision accompanied by the main objective where children are the target group and agents of change in the communities they live.


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