Garden For Life

Empowered households

Children nourishment and best performance is normally accelerated by nutritious foods. On July 8- 13/ 2019, CEDC staff sensitized households on the importance of home gardening. Home gardening has multiple benefits including family income and nutritiously feeding to children. It was one week door to door interventions based to livelihoods practices amongst Nzuguni, Mtumba and Mtumba wards communities.

Households poverty hinder children development

Families without effective earnings really distort children wellbeing. Children cannot access good basic needs including education and health services. It is remarkable children coming from lake zone area perform better in national exams than those coming from arid and semi arid here in Tanzania as statistics prevail. Poor families particularly coming from remote and rural communities are the victims, their children rarely access scholastic materials due to poverty. They also poorly access nutritious foods including fruits and vegetables. Children stunted growth often exists. This mainly contributes to academics underperformances in schools.

Smiles of Families practising home gardening

Families' Home gardening contributes on family earnings and nutrition to children after CEDC intervention. Besides it is also the good behaviour on upbringing children to early practice it for future development. Not only family earnings but also the proper feeding for best cognitive development and effective academic results. Mr Joseph Mwita, the gardener at Nzuguni had this to say ' Since i well involved in home gardening after being sensitized by CEDC staff to extensively practice it for family income and good nutrition, buying scholastic materials and food for my children is no longer a problem. I earn TZS of 10,000 to TZS 15,000 per average per day from tomatoes i sell'. The daily earning enables me to buy food i want including rice, meat, sugar and the rest for children school needs especially paying school fees. Really poverty is not on our family side perhaps others '.

Again Mr Josia Malogo , the chairman of Bee keeping group had this to say 'We also thank CEDC staff who have been paying us visits to see how we are doing. They have added us value apart from bee keeping we are doing but now practising gardening at our homes. We do share with Mr Joseph Mwita on best home gardening practices especially soil mixing. Your mentorship has yielded our crop products more especially chinese vegetables. You people made our families nourish'

The formation of income generating activities is now increasing, but they have to be trained for groups' development. Consequently CEDC lacks enough resources to effectively support them. But in the long run with stakeholders funds support, it is our aim to reach millions of people through economic groups in rural communities for support. To say social wellbeing requires everyone participation either in kind or through resources.


The Community's Expertise for Development Contributions (CEDC) was founded in 2018, inspired by a vision accompanied by the main objective where children are the target group and agents of change in the communities they live.


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