Avoid Early Marriage

Reduced Early marriages

Adolescent girls need also to be cared for, to abstain from abuse particularly early unwanted pregnancies. On May 29-24/ 2019 CEDC staff conducted the campaign with the slogan 'leave a girl to mature'. The campaign main objective was to rescue the adolescent girls within Ipala, Nzuguni and Mtumba wards communities.


Self- awareness amongst the majority of adolescent girls is very low. And this age is categorized between the ranges of 12-19years as per United Nations definition however to other contexts may vary. They are in a very high risks including entering the sex workers businesses, early pregnancies, drug addicts businesses and HIV risks. They need close care as the self- awareness is not stable on their side.

Women supports to adolescents

CEDC staff with the campaign slogan named 'Leave a girl to mature' rescued number of girls from abuses. Recho Grayson, the entrepreneur owning the tailoring office at Nzuguni ward had this to say. 'May I first thank the CEDC staff for the tireless visits to mentor on how we should undergo entrepreneurship business? My tailoring business does well especially on record keeping and customer care skills i got after mentorships. Meanwhile i train tailoring two girls here; each one pays TZS 40,000 per month as part of the fees. And if one is aggressive, may no longer exceed six months to really understand how to tailor cloths. Your campaign might have assisted because i get more adolescent trainees to date not as previous .Besides I see many adolescent girls now who have failed to join secondary education preferring vocational education trainings. And this has somehow reduced early marriages in our ward'.

Training is an answer

CEDC aims to reach and train millions adolescent girls for their career development to reach their dream. Violence against them is inevitable resulting to schools drop outs and entering to early marriages. CEDC has mentored them in nutshell on self- awareness to rescue from upcoming lives challenges as young people. Thus the organization has introduced the organ so named Child Voice Platform in the media on 16/6/2019, the day of African Child day commemoration. The major aim of the platform is to make children free from violence and confidently ready to raise voice in the communities for their rights by themselves. Adolescent girls is amongst the target groups in the platform


The Community's Expertise for Development Contributions (CEDC) was founded in 2018, inspired by a vision accompanied by the main objective where children are the target group and agents of change in the communities they live.


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