Child upbringing through home interventions

Child Rights

Our priority: Freedom from violence and protection.

Child participation

Child participation fosters child development and is one amongst fundamental principles of the Conventions on the rights of the child (CDC), which as a nation we adopted. It exerts children and young people having the right to freely express their opinions, listened and confidently present matters affecting them within their families, leaders, public services, institutions and judicial procedures. At Community's Expertise for Development Contributions (CEDC), we value child and young people safe and appropriate a key strategic priority. This ensures sustained child well being and making societies responsive in advocating and protecting the rights of the child.

We believe that Children and young people are the agents of change only if well involved in decision-making processes. They can contribute for good and rectify the autonomy. If trained to communicate ideas, take responsibility and make decisions, they develop sense of belonging, responsibility and solidarity

Our work is to ensure every child is supported to access the rights, be listened, express opinions on issues affecting, set free of expression, and access information; while obeying roles and responsibilities of parents and more in the community Our staff have strengthened and established children advocacy and protection committees in primary schools. Indeed strengthened the guidance on how children and young people participate child rights violators' allegation procedures handlings. This increased our engagement to children's participation among board directors and board members

Child rights and equity

Right to play Children are human beings as adults; they deserve love, cared for, dignity, citizenship and rights. This induces Community's Expertise for Development Contributions, along with other stakeholders to search the adherence of those rights for the well-being of the children

Children are endangered most not as adults

Children experience risks differently than adults do because of their vulnerability and lack of legal and economic status in society. When the family is exposed to poverty, children are mostly affected. However they are the determinants of development in any family, community and society living in. The civilized community or family care all children particularly the most vulnerable and protect their rights. At Community's Expertise for Development Contributions in liaison with child developmental activists intend to seriously cement child rights adherence in the communities and societies. We thus mentor parents to support children play as a part of cognitive and talents development

A. End violence against children

UNSAFE ENVIRONMENT 1.7 billion Children are affected by some type of violence each year. According to Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics on crime and traffic incidents statistics report 2016 shows a total of 10,551 cases of crime against children were reported in 2016. Violence occurs in every country, city and community. And each family, country, community cries for help Community's Expertise for Development Contributions (CEDC) is tirelessly advocating for an end to violence against children; stressing it when it appears and holding those responsible to be accountable. Through the initiated Child Voice Platform, we treat children to prevent violence and inviting activists to join hands in this war to rescue every child lives. We reach mostly remote rural communities to access the survivors in order to amplify their stories and voices to trigger out the weak systems and services. We thus make environment safer in homes, schools and wherever in the community premises to end violence against children


The Community's Expertise for Development Contributions (CEDC) was founded in 2018, inspired by a vision accompanied by the main objective where children are the target group and agents of change in the communities they live.


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