Disability is not inability

Support Children with disabilities

In Tanzania and elsewhere around the globe, people with disabilities are viewed as worthy of pity, dependent and as such not an integral part of the community they live. This notion is contrary to basic human rights. The constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania firmly states that all human beings are equal and are entitled to equal rights irrespective of colour tribe, gender and religion. The United Nations Resolution No. 27 (a) (iii) of 20 December 1948 states that all human beings are born free with equal rights and dignity. Children with disabilities noted amongst the groups with the most risks in the communities in terms of accessing services and attitude view.

Our strategic focus area aims to create best living environment to children with disabilities. This includes access to quality education, health services and setting them free from any form of violence. Indeed to eradicate poverty in the households whose children are living with disabilities is amongst the measures to sustain them for access to quality services.

Our objectives

  • Enable children with disabilities access health services through early identification.
  • Ensure children with disabilities access technical
  • Foster conducive environment for inclusive education that takes care of special needs of disabled children
  • Improve children with disabilities skills and talents to meet their future dreams
  • Reinforce economic interventions in the households having children with disabilities for poverty alleviation

How we work

The CEDC's aim in this endeavour is to change the widespread prejudice and negative attitude towards disability. Moreover to uproot the notion that the birth of the child with disability is associated with superstitions or some misfortune will involve different stakeholders.
The approaches here include:

  • Participation in policy forums (local and international) in liaison with other policy or by laws development partners in challenging issues which are not friendly for the wellbeing of the children with disabilities in the communities.
  • Community mobilization through public meetings, community forums etc for awareness and citizens education on superstitions that distort wellbeing of the children with disabilities in the rural areas.
  • Capacity building training on entrepreneurship to households with children with disabilities in collaboration with the support of community leaders and religious leaders.
  • Form children advocacy committees whose children with disabilities are amongst the members well equipped with child rights.
  • Build a network of community resources persons such as community champions, activists, follow up and reporting community incidences to favour children with disabilities.
  • Formation and operation of Violence against children platforms (VAC) like Child Voice Platform and formation of school related VAC clubs (SRGBV) to mobilize children to act as ambassadors to advocate against children violence in favouring children with disabilities.

Expected results

  • Children advocacy committees inclusive of children with disabilities
  • Violence against children platforms
  • Households having children with disabilities involve in economic production.
  • Increased children with disabilities access to basic needs

Our development partners

Currently CEDC works with different implementing projects to support the wellbeing of the children with disabilities. We hereby invite any interested development stakeholder's inside and outside the nation to support us for their sustainable wellness.


The Community's Expertise for Development Contributions (CEDC) was founded in 2018, inspired by a vision accompanied by the main objective where children are the target group and agents of change in the communities they live.


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